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Innovative Healthcare Technology

Mile High Healthcare Consulting develops innovative software to help clients simplify risk adjustment and quality improvement analysis and tracking.

We put the tools in your hands to continually improve your operations. For example, with our Cortex-QM application, users can model data-driven quality improvement scenarios and identify exactly what changes will be required to reach their Star rating targets. Our Dynamic Scorecards help organizations track progress and adapt their programs to ensure goals are met, and our HEDIS® software helps turn your monthly data into actionable quality management information.

Or experience the benefits of integrating your risk adjustment and quality data into a single platform with our integrated data management solutions.

We can help you build the software tools yourself using our already designed system architecture and intellectual property

Clients can deploy our tools directly or employ our system architecture and intellectual property into their own software tools. Deployment models include:

  • Utilizing our solutions in a software-as-a-service mode (SaaS)
  • Leasing of our source code
  • Licensing the data model, ETL specifications, and reports, documented using the Integration Definition for Information Modeling (IDEF1X) data modeling language.

We deploy our technology products on a HITRUST CSF certified, HIPAA-compliant server instances managed by ClearDATA.

QI – Simplified

Cortex-QM allows you to create optimal scenarios for improving your Medicare-Advantage Star-ratings and the QRS marketplace commercial ratings. We pre-populate Cortex-QM with your plan’s compliance rates and underlying data across all measures. Or Mile High can calculate your numerators, denominators, and rates using our HEDIS quality measure engine. Then, you can simulate multiple scenarios calculating the impact of moving specific measures on your overall star rating.  For each measure, the system displays specific gaps so you can determine the level of effort required to impact your ratings. Our Dynamic Scorecard tracks progress on the measures you’re attempting to impact, allowing you to stay laser-focused on your improvement plan goals. Also identifies provider groups and providers showing the most potential for development and progress.