Actionable Monthly Reporting

Mile High Healthcare Consulting specializes in making information out of data. Our industry suffers from information overload, you need a partner that can help you focus on the information that will help you reach your risk adjustment and quality management goals.

Making your Data Usable

First we tackle the task of making your data usable.  That means loading your information (claims, pharmacy, laboratory, government based files, membership, provider) into our specialized global warehouse, cleansing it and filling in the gaps. From there, we can provide you with a myriad of reports to let you know where you stand today, and how that compares to last month, last quarter, last year.

Our reporting is streamlined to help you focus on areas of change, both improvement and digression, so that you can prioritize your activity by continuing activities that are having a positive impact and addressing downward trends early. Think about how a measure such as “Plan All Cause Readmission” can get out of hand. Once a member has been admitted, you want to prevent readmission, for once the readmit happens it cannot be reversed for quality purposes until the next measu
rement cycle.

Dynamic Scorecards and Reports

Mile High can track your event driven quality data such as Diabetes Care, Initiation and Engagement of Alcohol and Other Drug Dependence Treatment, Breast Cancer Screening, etc., allowing you your best chance at meeting cutoff targets even as your denominator can change over the course of the year. With our dynamic scorecards and reports, you will spot trends faster and focus on a few pages of pertinent actionable information rather than wading through volumes of “no problem, no worry, no action” reports that waste time for your teams and do not help your ratings or risk scores.

Let us show you examples of how Mile High Healthcare Consulting can directly help your organization get better month by month rather than during a single frantic period come submission deadline time.