cortexanalytics, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of its first suite of software solutions for participants in government-regulated insurance programs: managed Medicaid, the ACA Marketplaces, Medicare-Advantage, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and supporting Market Vendors.

Developed from a Data and Clinical centric perspective the entire suite is driven off the first user controlled ETL data importing module (cortexETL). Clients now have the ability to load almost any CMS standard file format with point and click mapping insuring data integrity across the enterprise.

Our centralized cortexETL can then drive several operational modules that help an organization understand its members data and health delivery in entirely new ways. Combining both administrative and clinical data the initial release of the cortexanalytics suite provides solutions addressing:

  • cortexCONTINUUM: Provides data integrity and potential data loss through the myriad data transfer systems within an organization
  • cortexRISK: Provides Risk Adjustment calculation, analysis, and modeling from the philosophy of gaps that exist between documentation and diagnosis codes, in both directions and identifying best cases for reconciliation
  • cortexQUALITY: Provides Quality performance and modeling specific to any line of business (Medicare Advantage with HEDIS and Stars, ACA with specific HEDIS, State specific Managed Medicaid quality initiatives)
  • cortexCARE: Provides a deep view into the member, their condition, their location, and treatment and adherence patterns to identify those members most in need of care management BEFORE they present themselves with critical issues.  This involves the latest in Social Determinates of Health and geo-locating methodologies to better identify and plan programs based on the population health of members.

Analytics and software in health care financing are at a crossroads- alternative payment model (APMs) results are mostly illusory with few tangible benefits in making health care delivery either cheaper or more efficient. cortexanalytics software products facilitate data-as-a-service and analytics-as-a-service to drive data integrity, value-based care, risk adjustment, quality, and provider reimbursement performance and opportunities in programs relying on population-based payments and/or global budgets.

— Richard Lieberman, Chief Data Scientist of both cortexanalytics and Mile High Healthcare Consulting

cortexanalytics makes healthcare intelligence simple.



cortexanalytics is the premier healthcare software solution supporting population-based payment, alternative payment models, value-based payments, and primary care practice transformation, plus risk adjustment, payment integrity, quality, caregiver, home health, and social determinants analytics.

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