Duke Owen

Executive Vice President of Operations

Mr. Owen has thirty years of experience in scientific research, SAS reporting and analytic work within public and private sectors.  Mr. Owen possesses an extensive expertise in ETL, data governance, data management, the NCQA HEDIS certification process and quality measure calculation, CMS Star ratings system, PQA technical specifications, as well as risk adjustment and targeting methodologies.  Interactions with the health plans and his managed teams have made him a valuable resource to the health plans as he navigates the changes in the developing markets, including Medicare-Advantage plans and commercial health benefit exchanges.  For the Mile High team, Mr. Owen is the operational driver behind the development of our Cortex-QM quality improvement simulator software.  He also directs the efforts of our analytic and software development teams.  Mr. Owen possesses a unique and effective communicating skill with health plans, supporting their efforts for clear and effective answers.  Mr. Owen’s unique blend of government, academic, private industry, and health care plan experience, enhanced by “hands on” team management skills, make him a valuable asset to any organization.